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SafePat SBAR Course

About This Course

This is a course on professional communication. It was originally developed as part of an accreditation procedure in CHR de la Cittadelle hospital, Liege, Belgium. It has now been adapted by the SafePAT Project consortium and is available in English, French, Dutch and German.

The overall aim of this course is to outline the principles for operational, structured, and effective communication that improves the quality of care and patient safety. After completing this course, you will:

  • Know and be able to identify risk factors and quality criteria for operational communication in a professional context
  • Be able to identify the scope of SBAR
  • Know the different key elements of SBAR
  • Be able to structure a message following the SBAR model

The SafePAT Project is about developing excellence in patient safety in cross-border regions through standardised procedures, policies and innovative tools. The project is funded by Interreg - Euregio Maas-Rhein. Mor information is available on the project website:

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